IsraelPro FAQ

Answers to the most common questions
about the IsraelPro experience

FAQ: IsraelPro Basics

Who is Eligible for IsraelPro?
What's Included in the Cost of IsraelPro?
Do I Need to Speak English to Participate in IsraelPro?

FAQ: Internships

How Do I Get My Internship Placement?
What if I'm Unhappy with my Internship Placement?
Will my Internship Lead to a Regular Job Offer?
I'm a Certified Medical/Legal Professional - Can I Get an Internship in that Capacity?

FAQ: Housing

Where Will I Live? 
Why Can't I Live in My Own Housing?
Can I Request a Single Room?

FAQ: Trips and Activities

Where Will I Be Able to Travel with IsraelPro?
Are Trips and Activities Mandatory?
What Kind of Activities Will We Have?

FAQ: Learning Hebrew

What is "Ulpan"?
How Much Hebrew Will I Learn? Will I Become Fluent?
Will Knowing Hebrew Help Me Find an Internship?

FAQ: Health and Medical

What Kind of Medical Insurance Coverage Does IsraelPro Provide?
How Do I Manage My Prescription Medication While in Israel?
I've Been Experiencing Challenges to My Mental Health Recently - Is IsraelPro Right For Me?

FAQ: Financials

Program Payment Terms and Timeline
How Does the Masa Israel Journey Grant Work?
What if I Am Not Eligible for a Masa Israel Journey Grant?

FAQ: While in Israel

Can I Travel Abroad While on IsraelPro?
Do I Really Need a Local Phone Number?
How Will I Get to My Internship and Travel Around?

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